Description of the Company

SMV Metall GmbH was founded in 1990 by Wilfried Laumann, the sole managing shareholder. A change of location to the industrial area, accompanied by an enlargement in capacity, became a necessity after a short time. Bruchheide 8 in 49163 Bohmte, Germany is now the headquarters of the limited liability company.

SMV Metall GmbH has grown continuously since its founding and today it effects a turnover of 2.0 m Euros, as a leading company in the sector.

During this period, the number of employees has grown to 20 and up to 25 in the high season. The capabilities of the SMV team are made up of technicians, graduate engineers, state-certified computer  scientists (specialising in business), sales people, specialists, trainees and assistants. 

The range of products, which was still small at the beginning of the company, has been and continues to be continuously extended and includes the fields of tow-bars, chassis extensions, load carrying systems, chassis extensions for motor caravans and elevating tool platforms for the engineering sector. 

The wide circle of customers can be divided into the four categories of vehicle manufacturers, large customers, dealers and private customers resident both in the internal European market and in some  neighbouring states. 

SMV GmbH is developing specific chassis extensions, which are a component of the unit construction system, independently and in cooperation with manufacturers of motor caravans, for series production.  The series production of these parts usually takes place at suppliers.  SMV reserves a defined capacity, which is otherwise appropriate for building models, for special manufactures as individual solutions.

The aim of the Company is the development, quality assurance, steering and marketing of the products themselves as a service to the customer.

EG operation permits for the products are applied for following successful tests and practical tests, in order to be able to give the customer an additional quality and safety guarantee in this way, building on  the quality assurance system.